The Last Day

The last day of our stay at the APAP conference was, comparably, relatively laid back and calm. We were, first and foremost, able to sleep in, which was incredibly nice. After days of having to be up and ready by eight in the morning, it was lovely to not have to meet until quarter of ten in the morning, especially when it was not to go to any sessions, but was in order to go to the Here Performing Arts Center, which was my personal favorite venue for artistic work on our trip.

            Here Performing Arts Center is a unique place that hosts artists in residence, and they host an event called the Hybrid Brunch, where the artists in residence perform a showcase of their works either in three-minute pitches or in fifteen-minute excerpt. We saw six of the artists’ showcases and there were three that really stood out to me in particular. The first was a piece by these two artists, who happen to also be a same-sex married couple. They were creating a piece for each state, based on a same-sex couple from that particular state. There was a proposed performance aspect in their work, but the part that really hit me was the portrait work they had been doing. They would take a map of the state and then cut out a portrait of the couple, leaving the rivers and waterways intact, creating a vein-like look. For some reason, this piece had me on the verge of tears, and the maps themselves were beautiful as well. This piece was a part of a greater series of work that the artists had been cultivating at Here for the past few years. The next piece, and my personal favorite, was entitled “Science Fair”, a piece by mezzo-soprano Hei-Ting Chinn, who performed two excerpts of her work. Accompanied only by a pianist, she had slides of various mammals from the Americas projected on the screen, while she sang random facts about them. This humorous piece was followed by an equally entertaining piece in which she sang the ingredients of a Twinkie, again utilizing slides. The last piece, which was simply hilarious, was entitled The Pigeoning, which featured a two-part presentation. The first part was a comical “Safety in the Office” video, filmed to parody the awful 80’s workplace videos on office protocol. Following the video, two puppeteers manipulated the figure of a man sitting at a desk in said office. The piece was a comical look at Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and utilized really innovative puppetry. Following this section, the puppet moved to a bench, and began to interact with a pigeon puppet. I feel like I should mention that the pigeon was wearing a diving helmet, by the way. This piece was the crowd pleaser of the Hybrid Brunch showcases, and it really was a great experience.

            Following the Hybrid Brunch, we made our way to the Expo Hall for the last time. Immediately, Mary Marcil and I, in our true team style, made a very quick dash to our tables of interest, a large portion of which were the groups that had performed at GlobalFest the night before. Once we got pricing, we decided to split up. She had to gather footage of the Expo Hall for the trip, and I needed to plan out prospective seasons. I headed up to the fourth floor, which had showcase rooms and a very nice, secluded, lounge area. I spent the remainder of our time up here, as it was a nice place to think and hammer out different ideas for seasons, as that was our final project. While the last day was a shorter Expo Hall time for me, it was still a very productive one, and it also allowed me the opportunity to see the agents and representatives at their highest level of urgency, as it was the last day and they were all attempting to sell. This, in and of itself, was incredibly eye opening.

            After the Expo Hall, we cleaned up and went to the family style Italian restaurant Carmine’s, which I must say, was the largest amount of food I have ever seen. Not only was it amazing, but we were joined by two MCLA alum as well as two members of the Advancement Office. This made the entire dinner into a much more community based event. Following Carmine’s we headed over to Here again, to see a performance of Sumeida’s Song, an hour and a half long opera, written in English, performed as part of the Prototype festival. The set, pictured below, was amazing, and that, combined with the sheer power and spectacle of the material made quite the impact. A member of our group was reduced to tears by the beauty of the event. Following this, we all took a photo outside of Here and headed back to pack, get ready, and leave in the morning.

            The drive was successful! We arrived in North Adams in time for people to make their 11 AM classes. Here is where I sign off as blogger for the 2013 APAP trip. Thank you so much to Jonathan Secor, Lisa Donovan, and the entire group of students who went on the trip. This was a truly changing experience. Goodbye!



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