Graduate Programs at MCLA

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Below are Quick Links to Individual Programs. 

Graduate Program

The MCLA Graduate Program includes a variety of options. Educators can take six credits before deciding to enroll in a specific program. 

Instructional Technology Program

MCLA offers several options: (1) Certificate Program; (3) Initial License in Instructional Technology.  Courses are designed to help teachers infuse technology in the curriculum. There are no pre-requisites. 

Reading Program

Reading Program for graduate students who currently teach under an initial license and are seeking an M.Ed with a concentration in Reading or preparing for a Reading Specialist License. 


Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership--CAGS in Massachusetts; CAS in New York 

Leaadership Academy 

This innovative leadership program provides educators with the opportunity to complete graduate credits in administration during the summer. 


Resources for Student Teaching Seminar

The PowerPoint Template works with a set of folders, each containing one of the Standards Pages below.

If you lose your keydrive (on which the folders have already been created), you can easily re-create your portfolio by first creating a set of folders for each standard, then placing the Standards files (below)into each folder.

The PowerPoint Template used for your portfolio is located here: PowerPoint Template

Frown Note: The links to the Standards Evidence pages on the PowerPoint Template will work only if the standards files below are contained in folders named Standard A, Standard B, Standard C, Standard D, and Standard E.

You can download copies of the standards pages here:
Standard A
Standard B
Standard C
Standard D
Standard E

The Directions for inserting links, creating new slides, etc. are located here: Directions.