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Group Assignments

The purpose of the wiki is to facilitate collaboration between group members and to create a “communal” learning area.  Your group will create a fictitious child or adolescent who seems to be suffering from a particular disorder and to discuss the symptology, etiology, and treatment options for that disorder as presented in the empirical literature.  A variety of different disorders covering behavioral, emotional, learning, developmental and physical and mental health-related disorders are appropriate for this assignment.  The links below will take you to each of the case studies:

PSYC 387 students post your case study topics here:

Please read me before class on 9/7: Sample Case: Conduct Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorders Mychal Machado, Jennifer Valera, and Sigourney Wendt
Major Depressive Disorder Nikita Kirchner-Bean, Michelle LeBlanc, and Rachel Pike
Conduct Disorder Kaylee Furlano, Mike Taylor, and Katie Yansak
Oppositional Defiant Disorder Kaitlyn Clark and Angel Dailey
Sleep Disorders Alix Seifert, Mary Ingeme, and Amy Senecal
Mental Retardation Ryan Kelly and Hannah Ross

Important information for PSYC 387 students:

* First, decide with your group which disorder you’re going to research.
* Click on ‘Edit’.
* Once on the edit page, scroll to the above section of the text box (where it says PSYC 387 students post your case study here) which is where you will add the title of your case study.
* The title of your case study MUST include the name of the specific disorder you will be addressing.  Be thoughtful when developing your title because you can’t change it once you’ve created the page (although you can always create a new page with the changed title).
* At the bottom of the text box, type the title of your case study in double square brackets and then click ‘Submit’.
* When you view the page, you’ll see your title as a link. Click on the link and you’ll be taken to a page that states ‘The page doesn’t exist yet, but you can create it by clicking edit’.  Click on ‘Edit’ which will open up the editor.  Type in a couple of words and then click ‘Submit’.
* Finally, you must be logged in using your MCLA e-mail address and the password you selected to make changes to your case study. I will undo any anonymous edits.

Anytime you want to get back to the main page of this wiki, just click on ‘Wiki Home’ in the left hand Navigation menu.